Campout Bag Awning for Pop-Ups


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Campout Bag Awning for Pop-Ups

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Campout Bag Awning for Pop-Ups

Note: size refers to end-of-bag to end-of-bag


Easy set-up! Super low price!

Only the Campout Awning offers such ease of setup. No other bag awning has self-contained hardware or such a wide choice of sizes

Three Reasons you'll insist on a Campout over other bag awnings!

Campout's Easy Set Up

Self-storing arms and braces simply fold into the lead bar.

Campout's Durable Construction

Heavy-duty aluminum channels make the Campout the strongest awning available.

Campout's best looks

The Campout is available in a wide range of colors to perfectly match your trailer! Storage bag is white

Mounting Area

The Campout requires a flat, unobstructed area three inches longer than the bag size. 

Canopy assembly is housed in a slim, white vinyl, zippered bag that attaches to the awning rail on your RV. Heavy-duty vinyl canopy. Extruded aluminum awning structure consists of the lead bar which houses the fold out arms and braces.

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