Flame Disk


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Flame Disk

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Flame Disk


Peel-Light-Grill, that's all the effort needed to get grilling with a FlameDisk.

Simply take the FlameDisk out of the box and peel away the protective cover. Next, place the FlameDisk into any grill and light with a provided match. Let the grill grate heat for a couple of minutes and start grilling!

If you are using a smaller grill, use one FlameDisk® to cook multiple “rounds” of food. Since FlameDisk® lasts about 40 minutes, you can cook, for example, two or three “rounds” of burgers (say 5 minutes each side times two sides is 10 minutes... you should be able to do this at least three times).

To cook more food using a larger grill with a greater grilling surface, just place two FlameDisks® side by side in your grill... that works great too.

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