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Factory Recalls

Norcold Refrigerator Class Action Suit04-Jul-2016

Etter et. al. v. Norcold, Inc. Norcold 1200 Series, N8 Series and N6 Series Gas Absorption Ref..

Atwood Range Ovens01-Nov-2010

Inspect and certify Atwood range ovens (model #'s RV1735, RV2135 or RA2135) manufactured prior t..

Dometic Refrigerators02-Jun-2008

Dometic Recall Information UPDATE: Dometic Voluntarily Expands Refrigerator Recall Dometic..

Ford Motor Company: Speed Control01-Oct-2007

The Ford Motor Company has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in..

Norcold Refrigerator Recalls01-Oct-2004

Norcold Refrigerator Recalls Corrective action is required for the models with serial numbers a..

Demco Kar Kaddy23-Aug-2004

Demco Kar Kaddy (Aug 23, 2004) Kar Kaddy SS Service Bulletin (Serial #0790 and lower) It has..

Service Tips

Blue Ox Base Plates28-Jan-2005

Blue Ox Base Plates To those who have been towing for sometime, if you are changing vehic..

Plumbing Connectors01-Dec-2004

Plumbing Connectors If you are having problems with connecting your RV water lines here is the ..

Winter Storage01-Dec-2004

Winter Storage When storing your unit, don't forget about the gas lines. Put fuel stabilizer in..

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